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July 2nd, 2020    

9th Edition Core Rules Discussion

  Hey all, this week Nick, Jack, and I go over the Core Rules from 9th Edition (along with a lot of the leaks).  Its an exciting time in 40k and we now know how 9th Ed. will be played rules wise, but how will this effect competitive games of 40k?!  We go over the rules through the lens of a competitive player to see how we think tournament games will  look in 9th edition.  Thanks for listening and please like/subscribe/leave us a review to let us know how you like the show!

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June 25th, 2020    

Preparing for Tournaments w/ Ken Knox

  Hey all in this weeks episode we bring on Ken Knox to go over his tips on preparing for, and playing in, 40k tournaments.  Ken is one of the top players in the ITC and gives a ton of great advice on getting ready for tournaments that will be helpful if its your first of fiftieth tournament.  Thanks for listening and if you enjoyed the show feel free to give us a review or a like or whatever to help the show grow!   

June 18th, 2020    

We Played a Game

  We did it!  We finally played an actual game of 40k in person (and in masks).  In this episode we talk about our Admech vs. Guard ITC game as well as go into how we think the new Overwatch rules will effect armies in 9th Edition.  Thanks for listening and check out our community page on Facebook! 

June 11th, 2020    

More Wild 9th Edition Speculation

  Hey all, this week Jack, Nick, and I go over the new vehicle, blast, and terrain rules for 9th Edition 40k.  This episode goes deep into our differing opinions on how 9th Edition is shaping up and what each of us thinks some of these previews means for the competitive side of 40k.  Included toward the end of the episode is another wild prediction by me (as if we were't wrong enough about the 6x4 table size not changing.  Thanks for listening and feel free to check out our Facebook Community page below!

June 4th, 2020    

9th Edition Community Article Discussions

  Hey all this week Jack, Nick, and I discuss the Warhammer Community 9th Edition preview articles and what we think these all mean for the game of 40k.  I hope you all have as much fun listening as I did recording this one.  Thanks for listening!

May 28th, 2020    

9th Edition Preview and Wild Speculation

I think you all know what this weeks episode is going to be about...9th Edition! Join us for some analysis of the GW previews and Q&A as well as some wild speculation on the new edition!  Check us out on Facebook as well by searching for AlmostGood40kCast!

May 21st, 2020    

How to Pick ITC Secondaries

  Hey all, this week Jack, Nick, and I go over how to pick secondaries when playing ITC 40k.  We break down all of the secondaries one by one as well as give an overview of basic tips and strategies to choosing secondaries in tournament play.  Thanks for listening and let us know what you thought!

May 15th, 2020    

A Guide to Playing Astra Militarum in ITC

  Hey all, this week I brought on my buddy Jack to go over how to approach playing pure Guard in the competitive ITC environment.  While you can definitely tell both Jack and I need to get out of our houses and get some sweet sweet games of 40k in there is also a lot of excellent content for Guard players of all levels looking to emerge from their barracks and start their ITC season up strong.  

May 7th, 2020    

Making Heretic Astartes Great Again Part 2 CSM Thunderdome

  Hey all, this week Todd, Nick, and I go over our games we played on Tabletop Simulator where we used the Heretic Astartes Legion of our choice in some competitive ITC 40k games.  We also give Games Workshop some excellent business advice (thanks Todd) before we swing it back around to our thoughts on what to do to play Heretic Astartes at their most competitive level.  

April 30th, 2020    

Making Heretic Astartes Great Again

Hey all, in this episode we cover how to play some of the lesser seen Heretic Astartes Legions in competitive ITC games.  We cover World Eaters, Iron Warriors, and Emperors Children by going over a list we developed, how to play the list, and its synergy.  This is the episode that I get dunked on for an hour about my love for Daemon Engines, but its ok because it end in a big 40k challenge! 

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